Friday, July 17, 2015

Cabbage, Cabbage and More Cabbage

I was excited to buy this huge cabbage head for $2 at the farmers market. The farmer said that she picked it just previous night. I couldn't even hold this huge cabbage in my hand. Out of sheer curiosity, I weighed it after coming home and it was a whopping 7 lb cabbage. I shredded the cabbage and placed them separately into ziplock bags in the crisper section. I realized that I had a daunting task of using all the cabbage pretty soon. In my excitement, I had overlooked it. I wanted to distribute my shredded cabbage among friends, but somehow, I was too busy to go to everybody's house that weekend. So I took a deep breath and decided to feed my family cabbage pretty much on daily basis. I froze some items and used up all the cabbage!  While going through this cabbage quest, I realized that I still haven't cooked and blogged my maushi's kobichya karanjya! [Well hopefully sometime in distant future - since I am done with this cabbage business for a while!!;-)

Here's what I made -

Kobichya Vadya
Pav bhaji (Added generous cabbage along with other veggies and mashed them together)
Kachcha Kobi
Kobi Thepla
Cabbage Idli -Masala Sanna Khotto(Recipe Coming Soon)
Kobi Bhaat
Kobi Bhutti
Kobij na pooda
Kobichi Bhuji
Kobi Appe

Note to self - Do not get too carried away when visiting Farmers markets and ahem, no more cabbage for at least next 3 months!!;-)

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