Thursday, February 5, 2015

Damni Dhokla

Damni Dhokla is a unique dhokla from Gujarat where Handvo flour is made to make dhokla. Actually such interchange happens in Indian kitchens. My mom-in-law also uses khata dhokla flour to make handvo.

I spotted some pre-cut banana leaves while browsing our China town. They came handy as they serve as wrapper for making this dhokla.

Damni Dhokla
Multi grain Steamed cake wrapped in Banana leaves
1 1/4 cup handvo flour
1 cup buttermilk - preferably sour

1/2 tsp turmeric powder
1 tsp Gujarati pickle masala/sambar powder
1/2 tbsp. ginger-green chili paste
salt to taste
1/2 tbsp. sugar or jaggery
1/2 tbsp. white sesame seeds
1 cup surti lilva
1/2 tsp baking soda
1 tbsp. oil

A generous pinch of freshly ground black pepper

Oil for greasing/roasting

1. Mix handvo flour with buttermilk till there are no lumps. Adjust the quantity of buttermilk. Cover and set aside in a warm place for about 8 hours.
2. Stir in all the remaining ingredients except black pepper powder and oil for roasting/greasing. Adjust water to get a smooth  idli batter consistency.
3. Line dhokla plates or cooker containers with banana leaves.
4. Grease them with some oil and pour handvo batter.
5. Sprinkle some black pepper powder on top.
6. Steam for about 20 minutes without using weight.
7. Let it cool down. Cut into squares or diamonds.
8. Serve with green garlic chutney.

Note -
1. Damni Dhokla is traditionally served after steaming. I , however, shallow fried it as a variation. This step of shallow frying is not necessary.
2. Instead of Surti lilva, you can use grated cabbage, grated bottlegourd/dudhi or even green peas.
3. Handvo loat/flour is easily available at the Indian stores.

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