Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Gadbad Ice Cream - Ice Cream from Mangalore


Since I am very aware of my own goofball characteristics, it's no wonder that I am having such big fun with my very own "fiasco" theme. ;-)

Today, I am going straight to my ancestral town to scoop up - Gadbad. You read that right - it's an ice-cream from Mangalore. My great grandparents spent their early years in Mangalore before shifting their residence to  Mumbai. Of course, Gadbad icecream wasn't invented that time. I read about it for the first time in "Upper Crust". It appeared to be Mangalore's answer to the ice cream sundae.

Keeping up my fiasco theme of Ghotala and Locho, I thought that this "Gadbad" too fits the bill So I made my own quick version. I chose 3 flavors of ice-cream, made a bowl of jelly and used up some fresh and dried fruits. Choose any flavors of ice-cream, fruits, dry fruits that you like. You can't go wrong with this "gadbad"!

Gadbad Ice Cream
Regional Ice Cream Sundae from Mangalore
3 Different flavors of Ice Cream
1 packet prepared Jelly
1 cup freshly cut fruit of your choice
1/2 cup dry fruit such as unsalted cashews, almonds etc.

1. Arrange one scoop of ice cream at the bottom of a tall serving glass.
2. Layer it with a tablespoonful of fresh fruit of your choice.
3. Place another scoop of ice cream.
4. Layer it with a tablespoonful of jelly.
5. Place the final scoop of ice cream
6. Garnish with dry fruits of your choice.
7. Serve immediately.

Note -
This recipe is inspired by the article from Upper Crust India. Mr. Kamath, the creator of this ice-cream, shares his recipe. The link is provided below.


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