Saturday, November 15, 2014

Harabhara Paratha

Harabhara Paratha with Daal Makhni

Sometimes, when I make a particular dish, I already have a follow-up dish in mind. It saves my time and energy. For example, when I make harabhara kabab, I, intentionally make stuffing more than required. I use it later for making harabhara paratha. [Sometimes I also use it for stuffing tomatoes]

Harabhara Paratha
Lush Green Flat Bread
1 cup Chapati Dough
1 cup Harabhara Kabab Stuffing

Oil as needed for roasting.

Rice flour or wheat flour for dredging

Suggested Accompaniment
Daal Makhni

1. Use instructions here to make chapatti dough.
2. Use instructions here to make Harabhara Kabab stuffing
3. Make uniform number of chapati dough balls, and equal number of harabhara stuffing balls.
4. Using flour as needed for dredging, roll a chapati dough ball into a small disc.
5. Place harabhara stuffing in the middle. Bring the disc together to make a pouch, roll into a sphere, dredge into flour and roll into a thick flat bread.
6. Place on a hot tawa/pan and roast on both sides till brown spots appear. Use oil as needed for roasting.
7. Serve with Daal Makhni, salad and achar for a complete meal.

Note -
1. The roasted parathas can be frozen for future use.

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