Thursday, October 30, 2014

Jwari-Bajrichi Bhakri

Jwari-Bajrichi Bhaakri

Indian home-cook always cooks according to the season. The vegetables/fruit/grains used in daily cooking are always seasonal and hence, considered beneficial for health. Jwari or jowar or JondhaLa is used during summer time for its cooling properties and Bajri or Bajra is used during winter for its heat inducing properties. So what would an Indian home cook do, when weather is not too cold and not too hot? Bingo - Jwari-Bajrichi Bhakri of course!!;-)

Jwari-Bajrichi Bhakri (Count 3 bhakris)
3/4 cups jwari/jowar/jondhala/sorghum flour
3/4 cup bajri/bajra/millet flour
warm water as needed

1. Mix both flours in a deep plate/paraat.
2. Add water as needed to make dough.
3. Make 3 uniform balls.
4. Pat one ball at a time, using your palm, dredging in dry flour as needed.
5. Place one bhakri at a time on a hot tawa.
6. Wet your hand and moisten the top of the bhakri.
7. Flip and let the other side cook.
8. Roast on the direct flame.

1. Knead the dough when you are ready to pat the bhakris.

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