Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Chocolate Dosa

So far, I have visited the little India section of the big cities viz. Devon St - Chicago, Jackson Heights-NY, Oak Tree Rd -NJ, and very recently - Gerrard St - Toronto. After sightseeing some wonderful landmarks of the lovely city of Toronto, we decided to go to the  "Udupi Palace" at Gerard Street. My "tween" daughter rebelled - "I am not in the mood for Indian food, you know! I don't think I will like anything there. Are you sure that I will get anything that I might even enjoy! It's so not fair! Seriously, you guys....". Sometimes, it's just best to ignore.

As we were glancing through the menu cards, we heard a joyous squeal totally unexpectedly. "OMG! Look Mom, chocolate dosa! It's so cool! I love this place already." Yes, she says squeals "OMG" in that abbreviated form every now and then these days!  Thank heavens or Udupi Palace for this wonderful creation because we could peacefully tuck in our share of Udupi delicacies with equally wonderful tea.

Personally speaking, I would never care for chocolate and dosa combo. That's a great blasphemy in my dictionary! But since it worked for Gudiya, I decided to make my own version after returning home.

Chocolate Dosa
1 recipe dosa batter
A spoonful of Nutella spread

Oil as needed to roast

1. Prepare dosa batter as mentioned here.
2. Heat a flat tawa/pan.
3. Spread dosa batter thinly in a circular manner.
4. Drizzle oil.
5. Cover and let it cook on medium flame.
6.  When the dosa appears to be cooked from the top and you no longer see any raw batter, spread nutella all over.
7. Making sure that the dosa is crispy at the bottom, lift it, fold it and serve it to your happy camper!;-)

1. Use Nutella as needed. I use it very sparingly - after all it has sugar.

Udupi Palace, Toronto

Gerrard Street - Toronto's own little India

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