Sunday, September 14, 2014

To Market, to Market - Kensigton Market that is!

Today, we are going to visit Kensington Market, Toronto.  Let's park our car on the road by paying the meter - (Tip : Practice parallel parking!)

What do we see here? Fresh juices. It's surely a refreshing way to start our neighborhood excursion. In spite of my extreme desire to be adventurous (tamarind juice, anyone?), I opted for my usual, safe yet most favorite watermelon juice.

Freshly squeezed juices
There was Octopus Balls Tokoyaki. Well, that would have been way too adventurous for me, but I couldn't help noticing how it was similar to our Appe!
Octopus Balls Tokoyaki
Next in line was a Mexican Bakery - Pancho's Bakery. Their specialty is fresh Churros. You know that it's really fresh when you actually see the raw churro dough coming out of it's special mold. (It reminded me of Indian Chakli mold). You can either opt for a generous dusting of powdered sugar or a drizzle of chocolate sauce on your Churro.

 Fresh Churros being made at Pancho's Bakery
Some Mexican Bakery Goodies

And Some more...

King's Café is famous for their vegetarian take on the Asian Food. We decided to just order appetizers "to go". Unfortunately they took too long but freshly made, hot dumplings were served. We have to excuse the waiting time, since that much time probably was needed for steaming.
We decided to sit outdoors under a tree. However, there was no condiments provided. As a result, this vegan delicacy was totally flat and was not memorable.
Vegan Dumplings at King's Café.
Next we saw Vegan/Gluten free Bunner's Bakery. We shared a brownie. This was just miraculously good. I mean, it was vegan and gluten free? Really? How is that possible?

Vegan and Gluten free, that is Bunner's Bakery

Enjoy your Saturday mornings here.



Whoa! Is it a pot or car? Yes, this car serves as a whacky plant holder...

Vibrant Road & Happy People

Can you bike?

Fun marketplace

Wanda's Pie in the sky is famous, but we were full.
 This antique and unique bubble machine was actually blowing bubbles

Those colors, patterns, texture and lanterns bring a smile on my face

 A visit to Indo-East Trading is a must to experience home

Look who's here!

Good Advice!

Now, that's what I call "Sushegat" :-)

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