Friday, September 5, 2014

Robert is here

If you are going to Everglades from Homestead, FL, you must stop at this unique fruit stores - "Robert is here".  Have the freshly made fruit juice or milkshake for breakfast and then head straight ahead for Everglades hike.

There is an orchard/farm around the stores. There was a petting zoo too.

Jackfruit Trees
Even this tiny tree is carrying huge papayas
A fellow traveler looked at the "fruit" in my hand and inquired what I was sipping. It was just fresh coconut. He asked if I was drinking coconut milk. Well, after giving him unnecessary information about how coconut milk is extracted and how it's different from coconut water, I felt rather smug about my knowledge about tropical fruits!;-)
The name "sugar apple" didn't ring any bell. But when I saw it, I realized that it was my old friend - Sitaphal - which was called Custard Apple in India!
As I looked around, hubby was ordering something unique. He said it's Canistel milkshake. Say what?? and I read names like Monstera Deliciosa and Miracle Fruit and Longans and Mamey.  Well, I am not at all knowledgeable about tropical fruits after all!;-)
This fruit itself tastes like custard and Canistel milkshake was heavenly!

There were Florida Pecans

Fresh Papayas

Black Sapote - they say it tastes like chocolate pudding. Could it be our chickoo?

 Fresh Coconuts

On our way back to hotel from Everglades, we stopped at Roberts' again for dinner. Yes!
They were even serving boiled salted peanuts and salsa peanuts. Salty peanuts were tad bit too salty for my taste. But I eat less salt.
Let's listen to Robert.

 That's Robert. He is there. Go see him!
Robert is here
19200 SW 344th St, Homestead, FL 33034
(305) 246-1592

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