Sunday, August 3, 2014

Chia Roti/Chapati

After seeing Chia seeds tortilla at the local Trader Joe's, I decided to make Chia Chapati. If you like, you can add some spices like turmeric powder, green chili paste, salt, cumin seeds etc to make Chia Thepla.

Chia Roti/Chapati
Chia Seeds Flatbread
1 cup wheat flour from Indian stores
Approx 1/2 cup water
1 tbsp. chia seeds (Use more or less per personal preference)
1 tsp oil

Rice flour for dredging
Ghee/oil for smearing on the fulkas

1. Take flour in the paraat. Mix in chia seeds.
2. Add water gingerly to make the dough. Add oil and keep kneading till the dough is not sticky anymore.
3. Cover and set aside for at least 15 minutes.
4. Make 9 uniform balls. Make sure that they have smooth edges and there are no crevices. This is very important to achieve the perfect circles.
5. Heat a cast iron/iron griddle or pan.
6. Dredge one ball in the rice flour which you will place in the side of the paraat. Flatten the ball with your fingers. Make sure that the ball is covered with rice flour on both the sides.
7. Roll into a thin flatbread. It's extremely important that the flatbread has uniform thickness from all the sides. Sometimes center gets thin while edges remain thick or vice versa. While you are rolling, the disc below also should roll in a circular motion.
8. By now your griddle/pan must be hot enough to start roasting. Switch the gas to low.
9. Place your flatbread on the pan. Do not disturb for at least 30 seconds.
10. When you see small bubbles, flip the roti. Switch the gas to high immediately.
11. Now, roast till brown spots appear on the side which is at the bottom.
12. Take the pan off the heat. With the help of a tongue, flip and roast it directly on the flame till roti puffs up like a football. Remember, you are putting the side which has no brown spots.
13. Take off the heat. Place in your container.
14. If you choose, smear ghee/toop - which is a traditional method.
15. Serve hot and puffed roti from pan to plate.

Note -
1. You can add salt to taste while kneading the dough, if you like.

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