Sunday, June 8, 2014

Turkey Sandwich

Gudiya's dabba - Turkey Sandwich, homemade baked pita chips and grape tomatoes

I was raised on a non-vegetarian diet. What that meant was, every Sunday, we ate either seafood, chicken or  mutton. We mostly didn't eat it on any other day. Monday was undoubtedly meatless for religious purpose. Sometimes, Wednesday used to be an exception when some leftovers from Sunday were tolerated. Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers ate only seafood per their hardcore GSB beliefs. But they were adventurous enough to have tried making the food that was never part of their culture.

When my maternal grandfather met with an accident, he was advised to take an egg diet. He was a strict vegetarian himself. But he started taking egg as a medicine reluctantly. My maternal grandmother started making raw eggs with milk mixture for him. Seeing that, her kids wanted more adventure with eggs in the kitchen. So she started making omelets. (she called it Andyacha PoLa - egg dosa)

My paternal grandmother went a step further. Her kids tasted mutton curry at friends' house. They loved it so much that they pestered her relentlessly. Finally, she learnt the recipe from the neighbors and started cooking it for her kids.

By the time I was born, chicken and mutton had already become a staple Sunday meal for the family. Although, I never tasted my grandmothers' creations since both of them had stopped making eggs/meat dishes by then, I often get amazed by their openness to embrace the unknown territory.  Both of them never ate the eggs/meat preparations that they made. But the most touching part is that they never judged people who chose to have different choices than their own firm beliefs.

I think that's the reason I don't judge when people choose to eat beef, venison, rabbit, or want to be vegan. The greatest gift I got from my lovely grandmothers is not to be judgmental just because people have different food preferences (or any preferences for that matter!)

Now, why do I wonder about it? My daughter wants me to cook with pork, beef and turkey. This is an unknown territory for me. I just can't cook  beef or pork. Although she longs for that big Thanksgiving Turkey on the dinner table every year, it's something I just can't do. I have made ground Turkey kheema for her, but that just doesn't cut it. I do have to overcome that mental block - may be just like my grandmothers - but for now, I made this Turkey Sandwich for Gudiya's  lunchbox. She gave me 5 stars ratings and called me the best sandwich maker in the world.

Turkey Sandwich - makes 1 Sandwich
2 Whole wheat bread slices
1 slice Mozzarella cheese, cut into halves
2 slices Deli Turkey or chicken - preferably organic
1/2 tsp oven roasted tomatoes
1 tsp mayonnaise
A few drops of mustard
few fresh spinach leaves

1. Spread little mayo over both bread slices.
2. Place half a slice of cheese.
3. Place few spinach leaves.
4. Top with turkey slices
5. Squirt few drops of mustard and spread.
6. Now add oven roasted tomatoes.
7. Place remaining half of the cheese.
8. Enclose with the bread slice.
9. Now, place on a hot griddle or tawa. Toast on a low flame till cheese melts and holds the sandwich together. Flip and toast on both sides.
10. Take out and cut into two halves.

Note -
1. You can use 2 slices of cheese but I like to limit the cheese intake.
2. I really use a tiny amount of mayo but if you like the flavor, please feel free to use more.

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