Monday, June 23, 2014

Homemade Dahi/Yogurt

Off late, the supermarket shelves are loaded with Greek Yogurt containers and I miss our good, old plain dahi - yogurt. During last few visits to the super market, I couldn't find my usual yogurt brand. The rest of the brands either had pectin or gelatin which I don't care in my yogurt. So I went the traditional route of making it at home.

I remember that my mom used to add active yogurt cultures to barely warm milk every single night so we had fresh yogurt next day. It's not really a hard process. Of course, you may wonder how was the yogurt created for the very first time, since to set the yogurt, you do need some yogurt! (active cultures/VirjaN in Marathi/MervaN in Gujarati)

Homemade Dahi/Yogurt
1 cup milk (full fat, 2%, skim - whatever is your choice)
1 tsp yogurt

1. Heat milk on the lowest gas mark.
2. Once it's boiled, switch it off and set aside to cool down to the room temperature.
3. In a ceramic bowl, add a spoonful of yogurt. Beat it quickly.
4. Add barely warm milk. Stir once.
5. Cover and keep aside in a warm place to set.
6. Homemade yogurt will be ready in about 6 - 8 hours depending on the climate. It will set quicker in summer than in winter.
7. Refrigerate once the yogurt is set.

Note -
1. If you forget to keep the yogurt in the fridge after setting, it may turn sour.
2. Generally ceramic or earthenware containers are used to set yogurt in India.

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