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Goda Masala

Goda Masala is, undoubtedly,  my most beloved spice powder. Mostly Indian food lovers are familiar with Garam Masala  but Goda Masala is a very complex and rustic spice blend used primarily in Maharashtrian cooking.

After painstakingly preparing Goda Masala at home for years together, my grandmother herself at one point, approved and endorsed Ketkar's Goda Masala [Dadar TT, Mumbai] and since then, she always bought her masala from there. This masala tasted just like my grandmother's own blend. Later, when Ketkar brothers closed down their shop, my frantic aunts and mom looked around for getting Goda Masala.

With due respect to all the pre-made, branded blends available in the market today, I am not very happy with the flavor of the goda masala which is available in the boxes on the shelves of the stores. However, there are quite a few places in Mumbai where you do get very good Goda Masala - Sarvodaya Stores, Dadar or Vijay Stores, Vile Parle  are really good.  But making your own blend is always very special.

This blog has many recipes that feature Goda Masala and I repeat, no other masala can substitute goda masala as flavor won't be just the same. Also please note that this Goda Masala is not the Kala Masala using onion and garlic. However, since this goda masala too is very dark brown - almost black in color, it is referred to as "KaLa Masala" in my family. Traditionally,Goda Masala is never, ever used with any non-vegetarian cooking. But of course, you are the ruler in your kitchen, so do as you please.

After gathering all the ingredients, I finally decided to make my own batch. I have used my cooking bible - Ruchira for making this masala. This recipe is based on Ruchira though it's not exactly same.

Thank you, Chaitali for that final nudge for posting this recipe. I would not have blogged it without your encouragement.

Goda Masala
गोडा  मसाला
Maharashtrian Spice Blend
2 cups coriander seeds/धणे
1 cup grated, dessicated coconut/सुके  खोबरे
1/2 cup white sesame seeds/तीळ
2 tbsp. cumin seeds/जिरे
1 tsp shahjire/शहाजिरे
1 tsp cloves/लवंग
2 pieces of 1" cinnamon/दालचिनी
1/2 tsp asafetida/हिंग
2-3 bayleaves/तमालपत्र
2 dagadfool/दगडफूल
1/2 tsp turmeric powder/हळद
1/4 cup chili powder/तिखट
2 tbsp. salt/मीठ
1/4 tsp fenugreek seeds/मेथी दाणे
1/2 tsp mustard seeds/राई /मोहरी

Oil as needed

1. Dry roast sesame seeds. (without adding any oil)
2. Dry roast dessicated coconut (without added any oil)
3. Heat oil. Add asafetida.
4. Roast each spice one after the other, taking care not to burn. Use low flame.
5. Now, add roasted sesame seeds and coconut and roast again for few minutes.
6. Grind to fine/coarse powder based on your preference.
7. Store in an airtight container.

Some recipes for which Goda Masala is a must are -
1. Aamti
2. BhopLyacha Rassa
3. Batatyacha Rassa
4. Gavarichi bhaaji
5. Shenga -Vangyachi Bhaaji
6. KaLa Bhaat
7. Bharli Vaangi

1. Let spices come to room temperature before grinding otherwise steam will be trapped in the masala blend.

Goda Masala Ingrdients

Ruchira - by  Mrs. Kamalabai Ogale.

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