Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Palak Dosa

I love to sneak in as many vegetables in the daily meal as possible. I had planned to make palak paneer and made spinach puree. But I discovered dosa batter in the refrigerator, that's when I decided to make this palak dosa instead.
Palak Dosa
Spinach Pancake
1 recipe Dosa Batter
1 cup boiled spinach puree
salt to taste
Oil as needed for making dosa
1. Stir in boiled spinach paste in the dasa batter.
2. Adjust the consistency.
3. Heat a griddle or pan.
4. Pour a ladleful of spinach dosa batter and spread into dosa of desired thickness.
5. Drizzle oil around the circumference.
6. Cover and let it cook.
7. Serve with chutney of your choice.
Note -
1. For making spicier version, you can add green chilies while grinding spinach.


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