Saturday, March 22, 2014

Rose Jam Milkshake

My mom used to make delicious milkshake by adding a dollop of jam. She would use this trick especially when the jam bottle was coming to end. She would add milk in the jam bottle and shake it, so the milkshake used to be frothy and most importantly her jam bottle used to be squeaky clean. ;-)
I used the same trick for making Rose Jam flavored Milkshake.
Rose Jam Milkshake
1 tbsp. Rose Jam  (Use more or less)
3 cups cold milk
1. Blend jam and milk in a blender.
2. Serve immediately
Note -
1. Rose Jam is generally available at the middle eastern stores.
2. This milkshake results in very faint shade of pink. If you expect to get more pink color, you may need to add edible food color.
3. This jam is pretty sweet. You don't need to add additional sugar. Adjust jam quantity depending on your personal taste.

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