Saturday, August 24, 2013

Indian American Jonnycakes

These pancakes go by both the names Jonnycakes or Johnycakes. They came out pretty well, when I tried them for the first time. However,  my tastebuds refused to accept them with the traditional Maple syrup or honey. I searched for my lasnichi chutney/fiery garlic condiment. So naturally, I had to make the spicy version next time. I used the leftover Idli batter to make this Indianized version.

Indian American Johnycakes
1 cup leftover Idli batter
1/2 cup Masa Harina
salt as needed
water as needed
1/2 tsp turmeric powder

Stir in - (optional)
3 tbsp minced red onion
2 minced green chilies
1 tbsp minced cilantro

Oil for roasting

1. Mix Masa harina into the Idli batter. Stir in water as needed to make a thick pancake like batter.
2. Adjust salt.
3. Add onion, chilies, cilantro - if using.
4. Heat pan or griddle.
5. Pour a dollop of batter. Drizzle some oil for roasting.

6. Cover and let it cook. Flip to cook on the other side.
7. Serve hot along with chutney or ketchup of your choice.

Note -
1. Do not make batter too thin.

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