Monday, May 20, 2013

Kurmuryache Ladoo

Gudiya picked up a packet of "Kurmuryache Ladoo" at the Indian stores. My mom, was here that time,  declared that these can easily be made at home. I was eager to learn it myself since I had never made it before.

Kurmuryache Ladoo - (Count 10-12)
Puffed Rice Balls
2 cups Kurmure/churmure/Murmure/Mamra/puffed Rice
1/2 cup jaggery powder or grated jaggery
2 tbsp water

A spoonful of ghee to grease your hands

1. Place jagger and water in a heavy bottomed saucepan. Switch on the gas and let jaggery melt.

2. Simmer till the mixture gets sticky and thick.

3. Keep a small bowl of water ready and with the help of a spoon, drop a small drop of jaggery mixture into water. When it forms a ball, it's ready to use. You will need to keep checking for this consistency.

4. Switch off the gas.

5. Add puffed rice and mix till it coats with jaggery.

6. Grease your hands with ghee/clarified butter.

7. Roll into balls.

Note -
1. This proportion gives me about 10-12 ladoos. This count varies depending on the size of the ladoos you are making.

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