Saturday, January 12, 2013

Tilwali Bhakri - Sesame Millet Flatbread

A day before Sankrant is called "Bhogi". Tilwali Bhakri and Bhogichi Bhaaji combo is relished on this day. I wasn't sure if my "Tilwali Bhakri" would turn out okay, but it did! The roasted sesame seeds on the bhakri tasted delectable.

Tilwali Bhakri
Sesame Millet Flatbread
1 cup bajri/bajra/millet flour
hot water as needed to knead the dough

1 tsp white sesame seeds per bhakri
1 tsp bajri flour per bhakri, to dredge & pat

Suggested Accompaniment
Gul-Toop/Crushed Jaggery & Ghee/Clarified butter
Bhogichi Bhaaji

1. Keep tawa/pan for heating.
2. Knead flour with hot water to make dough. Keep kneading till it no longer sticks to the hand.
3. Make about 6 uniform balls.
4. Spread spoonful each of sesame seeds and flour on the rolling board.

5. Place one dough ball on top and start patting till a circular disc is formed.
6. Place it on a hot tawa with sesame seeds part touching the pan.
7. Wet your hand and spread it on the bhakri (non-sesame part)
8. Flip and cook the other side.
9. Roast the non-sesame side on the flame.
10. Serve with jaggery, ghee and Bhogichi Bhaaji.

Note -
1. I got about 6 small sized bhakris

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