Thursday, August 23, 2012

Radish Plant

Radish Flowers

We call the string beans of radish as "Mogri" (Gujarati) or "Mogrichya Shenga" (Marathi). I haven't seen fresh Mogri at our Indian stores ever. I noticed them frozen in the freezer section. My mom makes a delicious bhaaji with these string beans so I decided to buy the packet. I do know that they have a distinct, pungent flavor and smell - notice I said "smell" and not "fragrance". ;-D But that smell or odor was amplified when I opened that frozen packet. That's when I decided that I will have to grow my own fresh mogries.

Now, these beans come into two varieties - green colored and reddish brownish purplish colored. I assumed that they may be the string beans produced by white and red radishes respectively. So I planted white and red radish seeds in two separate containers. I did get beautiful green and purplish string beans. However, these American radish beans are different than that we get in India. These are shorter and plumper than the Indian variety.

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