Thursday, July 26, 2012

Rajgiryachya Polya

Fasting doesn't mean you can't have your daily "PoLi-Bhaaji"!!;-)
Rajgiryachya PoLya (makes 7-8 small chapatis)
राजगिऱ्याच्या  पोळया
1 cup rajgira flour
Water as needed to knead
salt to taste (A pinch)

2 tbsp rajgira flour for dredging

Suggested Accompaniment (Any of the following)
Upasachi Batatyachi Bhaaji
Upasachi Mirchi chi Bhaaji
Upasachi Ratalyachi Bhaaji
Upasachi Bhoplyachi Bhaaji

1. Take rajgira flour and salt in a paraat.
2. Add water carefully to knead the dough.
3. Knead till the dough is not sticky anymore.
4. Use a spoonful of ghee or oil and knead again.
5. Make 7-8 small but uniform balls.
6. Roll into chapatis using rajgira flour for dusting.
7. Heat a pan/griddle. Place the flatbread onto the pan.
8. Flip when there are brown spots. Cook on the other side.
9. Serve with upasachi batatyachi bhaaji.

Note -
1. Make sure that your rajgira flour is not too old sitting on the shelf. It will make a difference while rolling using rolling pin.
2. Based on whether you want to use ghee - for fasting or oil - for vegan diet, choose your grease.


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