Friday, July 27, 2012

Noriya Navmi's Mixed Kathol to celebrate Rikki Tikki Tavi

This beautiful month of Shravan brings many traditions and customs. Ever since I have started food blogging, I am taking  keen interest in all the familiar and new traditions. I must confess that I am really fascinated by the festival foods. I came across this festival called "Noriya Navmi" that my MIL observes. If I am not mistaken, this is celebrated only in Gujarat and I haven't seen it in Maharashtra but I may be mistaken.

We all are familiar with "Nagpanchmi" celebrated pretty much all over India on the 5th day - Panchmi of Shravan. Noriya Navmi is celebrated on the 9th day of Shravan to thank - a Mongoose (called noriyu in Gujarati).  There is this age-old story in the Indian Culture about a mongoose saving the baby of the family from a deadly attack of Cobra. [I am sure you have read/seen Rudyard Kipling's Rikki Tikki Tavi?] So on this day, some Gujarati women pay their tribute to a Mongoose - a replica that is made using rice flour paste, a pooja is performed and then in the evening, the rice mongoose is left near a peepal tree.

Well, I - the self proclaimed foodie - am very much interested in the food part. So what's for food on this special day, you may ask? Surprisingly, the food made on this day is not the usual decadent, rich, cloyingly sweet or sinful at all. It's actually a health food!

They sprout 9 different types of beans and boil with salt. That becomes the "Prasad". If someone wants a tad spicier version, "Mixed Kathol nu Shaak" is made sans garlic.

Noriya Navmi's Mixed Kathol
2 tbsp each any beans of your choice
[e.g. choose any 9 from Moog, Matki, Masoor, Black chana, Laal Vaal, Kulith, Black vatana, White peas, Green peas, Rangooni Vaal, Kabooli chana, Black eyed peas, Red chori etc]

salt to taste

1. Pick any impurities from the 9 beans of your choice. Somehow, laal vaal always makes the cut.
2. Mix all the beans in a container and sprout them per instructions here.
3. Boil or pressure cook adding enough water and salt so each sprout is cooked but should not be mushy.
4. Serve.

Note -
1. If this is very bland, make "Mixed Kathol nu Shaak"without garlic.

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