Monday, June 18, 2012

Chives Plant

Chives Plant with its beautiful bloom

I always wanted to plant the seeds in my own vegetable patch. After doing the container gardening for ages, finally, last year I found two neglected patches under two of our windows. I decided to use them for my veggie garden. So I used one patch (the patches are really tiny!) for the herbs garden and the other for vegetable garden. I grew snake gourds, okra, bitter gourds last year. For my herb garden, I planted chives, Italian Oregano, Turmeric leaves, Lemon grass, basil and chilies.

Well, as summer turned to fall and fall to winter, I had to bid goodbye to my veggie patch. Both the patches were covered with snow in the winter and as spring arrived again, I saw lots of weeds and grass. So one spring morning, I set out to clean up those weeds. After cleaning up those, I was shocked to see that there were chives, basil , oregano and few shoots of turmeric leaves. I didn't know that they all would be back again. I felt like meeting my long lost friends. It was a pleasant surprise indeed.

I am still doing the container gardening. But I have planted Japanese eggplants, tomatoes, White eggplants, bell pepper and tomatillo in my veggie patch. Along with the immortal herbs that came back, I have also planted some fennel and chilies. I will share my gardening escapades with you all.

I am sharing my chives plant today.

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