Friday, June 15, 2012

Annakoot Food Truck, Berkeley

Paratha Wrap, Pakora Boat and Annakoot Menu Card

We had spent our day at Golden Gate Park. We visited serene Japanese Tea Garden. We went to see D' Young Museum. We went on their observatory desk to see the view of the beautiful San Fransisco. California Academy of Sciences was next on the list. As we came out, we saw a group of people doing their Tai Chi exercises. All of a sudden, true to San Francisco weather, there was a light drizzle. The weather was getting chillier. After walking so much, we were getting hungry. "This weather calls for a cup of Masala Chai and Onion bhujiyas....but....that's impossible" - I said to my husband. "or is it?" - He pointed to an Indian Food Truck - Annakoot which was parked right there under the Eucalyptus trees.

I couldn't believe our good fortune. We had not had our lunch. so it was a perfect time. They really had a unique menu. I was surprised to see  even "Konkani Shrimp Curry". My husband encouraged me to try it but I didn't want to eat something that I can eat all the time. So we ordered Pakora boat and Paratha Wrap with masala chai. Pakoras were made with potatoes, onions, spinach, methi and cauliflower. They were crispy and crunchy. They were served in a little paper basket, drizzled with sweet-sour tamarind chutney and spicy green chutney. They were just perfect for this weather. Paratha wrap was Indianized burrito with rice, chicken tikka, salad, chutneys all wrapped inside a paratha. We loved this food. I have happily crowned San Francisco as the food capital of the United States.

Berkeley, CA

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