Monday, March 19, 2012

Grilled Salmon Panini

Here's Gudiya's Dabba - lunchbox
Like every mother, I face with one daunting challenge each morning. What to give Gudiya in her lunchbox? Something that's healthy, something that she will enjoy and most importantly, in the evening, when I open it, it's empty! One such morning, I came up with this recipe using leftover grilled salmon. I have provided a link to the chipotle salmon but I make with just salt and pepper for Gudiya (without chipotle pepper). She likes cheese and a combination with a hint of sweetness always works. So in order to stuff the healthy stuff, I used cheese and orange marmalade.

Gudiya loved it. So mission was accomplished at least for that day!!:-D

Grilled Salmon Panini
1 grilled salmon fillet, boneless, skinless, flaked
2 slices flaxseed bread
2 slices cheese
1 tsp orange marmalade
2-3 spinach leaves
1 sun dried tomato in oil, sliced (optional)

1. Spread orange marmalade on both the pieces of bread. Place one bread with on a flat tawa or panini maker. Make sure that the marmalade is spread inside of the bread.
2. Add a slice of cheese. Add 2 spinach leaves. Add grilled salmon flakes, sun dried tomato - if using.
3. Place another slice of cheese covering, salmon mixture. Place bread slice on top.
4. Press the panini maker or keep a heavy weight on the sandwich. Let it brown on both sides. Spread some olive oil on both sides if needed.
5. As the sandwich comes out, brush a clove of garlic on the top. This step is optional. It gives a nice flavor but for kids, it may be little spicy.
6. Slice the panini into two halves. Serve with a soup of your choice.

Note -
1. For a kid friendly version, bake salmon using only salt and a pinch of pepper and proceed. Do not use garlic, sun dried tomatoes and hot sauce - unless you have really adventurous little eaters at home.
2. Do not overstuff the salmon filling.


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