Saturday, February 4, 2012

Paati cha ane phudino walo cha - Gujarati Herbal Tea

We call lemongrass "Gavti chaha"(गवती  चहा ) in Marathi and "Paati cha"(પાતી ચા ) in Gujarati. Unlike Thai cuisine where they use the lemongrass roots, we use the blade like green leaves.

My mom's gavti chaha recipe is simple. Just add lemongrass greens in the boiling tea and it's ready. During winter mom always adds gavti chaha and ginger in her daily tea.

My MIL's paati cha recipe is little different. She adds fresh mint leaves and peepar (a fresh herb) along with lemongrass greens. It definitely gives a distinctly different flavor. I have not seen peepar here but add lemon grass with mint in your daily tea and notice the refreshingly different taste.

Paati cha ane Phudino walo cha
1 1/2 cup water
1/2 cup milk
few stalks of lemon grass (green part)
1 stalk of mint
peepar/peepri mool (optional)

sugar per taste
1 1/2 tsp Wagh Bakri Chai (or any other brand of your choice!)

1. Place water and herbs in a saucepan. Add sugar now or later.
2. Bring to boil. Add tea powder.
3. Simmer for few minutes.
4. Switch off the gas. Cover to steep for 5 minutes. Pass through the strainer. Discard the herbs.
5. Add boiled/warm milk and sugar to taste.

Note -
1. If you like, you can add milk after water is boiled and simmer it together.
2. This recipe makes 2 cups tea.
3. If you don't like your tea to be too milky, reduce the amount of milk.


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