Friday, January 6, 2012

Veggie Wrap

January means eating healthy!!;-) It lasts for about a month. But I am hoping that at least we make better  & healthier choices throughout the year. So keeping up with my new year resolution & yearly tradition, I am sharing a healthful eye-catching veggie wrap.

You can always buy a readymade spinach wrap available at the super markets. But I made my spinach wrap "fulka" style to save on oil.

Veggie Wrap
3 Spinach wrap - homemade or readymade
1 curry flavored hummus - homemade or readymade

Few strips of orange, red and yellow bell peppers
Few leaves of spinach, shredded
few slices of pickled turnip (available at middle eastern stores)
few shreds of carrots

1. Spread curry hummus (or any other flavored or plain hummus) on the spinach wrap.
2. Spread all the raw veggies in the middle.
3. Wrap and eat!!

Note -
1. Cut the veggies thinly so it will be easier to wrap the wrap!!
2. I made spinach wrap and hummus at home. But you can use the store bought ones too.
3. I will soon share the recipes of wrap and hummus.
4. Pickled turnip is available in glass jars at the middle easterns stores.

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