Thursday, January 19, 2012

Split Pea Idli

Split pea idli served with a spoonful of agave necar

I have changed the ratio of daal and rice here. I also used green split daal + urad daal combo.

Split Pea Idli
3/4 cup green split pea daal
1 1/4 cup urad daal
1 cup brown rice
1/2 tsp methi/fenugreek seeds

salt to taste

1/2 tsp baking soda (optional, only needed if the batter doesn't ferment due to cold weather)

Suggested Accompaniment
Agave Nectar (Gudiya's fav combo)

1. Soak daals, rice and methi seeds overnight.
2. Grind to a smooth paste adding salt. Do not add too much water.
3. Cover and let it ferment for 8 hours.
4. Steam idlies in the idli containers.
5. Serve hot idlies with sambar

1. If the batter is not fermented, just before making idlies, you can add baking soda.

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