Saturday, January 21, 2012

Rainbow Sandwiches

This is just a variation of my veggie wraps. I use flaxseeds bead from Whole Foods or Ezkiel bread from Food for life for making these sandwiches. I toast the bread lightly before stuffing them. These sandwiches make a good lunch item.

Rainbow Sandwiches
4 slices of Flaxseed bread or Ezkiel bread, toasted lightly
curry hummus (homemade or store bought)

veggies to stuff
cucumber, thinly sliced
red, yellow, orange bell peppers, cut into rings
spinach leaves
Pickled turnip, thinly sliced

1. Toast the bread slices.
2. Spread hummus.
3. Stuff the veggies.
4. Cut into halves
5. Use toothpicks to hold.

Note -
1. I generally make hummus at home to avoid oil that is added to the store bought hummus.


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