Thursday, December 1, 2011

TJ's Guilt free Brownies

When I look back at my childhood, I remember that I used to get extremely excited when mom took a day off from her work. and I used to look forward to some homemade treats on my way back home from school.

Just the other day, I was working from home. I knew that Gudiya was looking forward to some homemade goodies. I had even planned to do some baking. I just don't know how the day vanished and it was time for Gudiya to come home. I heard the school bus. I felt so bad...I went to the kitchen. I had kept Trader Joe's Guilt free brownies mix on the kitchen counter. But how on earth would I put it together in 5 minutes? I started reading the instructions helplessly, trying to think about an excuse for Gudiya. Can you believe it - there was 1 minute 1 serving microwave recipe. I really couldn't believe my eyes. "Mommy, I am home!" - Gudiya rang the bell. I opened the door to receive a big hug. "What have you made for me?" - Gudiya asked me eagerly. "Go, get cleaned up first!" - I told her. I stirred the mix with yogurt per instructions and baked in the microwave per their instructions for one serving. The brownie was ready for Gudiya in a minute. "Mommy, you are the best" - Gudiya said happily. It felt like a scene from a commercial happening in my home. :-D


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