Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Paatra Chaat

I had heard about this Gujarati dish called "Paatra Chaat". I have no idea how it is made. But after finding chaat chutney, paatra roll (aLuwadi in Marathi) in the freezer and some Kashi 7 grain pita crisps in the pantry, I thought of making this paatra chaat for the Sunday supper.

Paatra Chaat
1 roll of paatra or aLuwadi (readymade will work too)

Kashi plain pita crisps or puris used in chaat

Sweetened yogurt - Whisk together
1/2 cup yogurt
sugar to taste
salt to taste

Multipurpose chaat chutney

Nylon sev, as needed

Generous pinch of chaat masala
Minced cilantro/coriander leaves
Hot chili sauce such as Sriracha

1. Thaw and microwave paatra rolls. Let them come to room temperature. Cut into 2 or 4 pieces so they can fit on the cracker, pita chip or puri.
2. Drizzle multi purpose chaat chutney over paatra.
3.Drizzle sweetened yogurt.
4. Sprinkle nylon sev.
5. Add a dash of hot sauce such as Sriracha
6. Sprinkle cilantro and chaat masala
7. Serve immediately.

Note -
1. Never make chaat too much in advance.
2. Do not deep fry paatra. Otherwise it will be too oily.

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