Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Masala Supari

My maushi makes an excellent masala supari. I am not a fan of this mouth freshner but everyone says it tastes good. However, it itrigues me that it doesnt' have sugar but it still tastes sweetish due to Jyeshtamadh.

Masala Supari
मसाला सुपारी
Indian Mouth freshner with Betel nuts
1 cup rotha supari, shredded
5 - 10 chikni supari
1/4 cup fennel seeds/badishep/variyali/saunf
11 cloves/lavang
1/8 the piece of a nutmeg/jayphal
11 green cardamoms
1 tsp owa/ajwain/ajowan
1/2 cup jyeshthamadh
1/2 tbsp sunth/dried ginger powder

1. Roast the ingredients one after the other in an iron kadhai. Do not let them burn.
2. Let them cool down completely.
3. Using heavy duty grinder such as Sumeet, grind to powder
4. Store in an airtight container. Use as needed as a mouth freshner.

Note -
1. Roast the ingredients on a medium low flame.
2. Do not use any ordinary mixer. It has to be heavy duty because betelnut indeed is a tough nut to crack! It may spoil the blades of the blender. Also, do not use whole betelnut as it will be hard on even heavy duty mixer. Try to use pre shredded or cut betelnuts.

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