Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gavhale from Mumbai

Gavhale is made by making a dough and then shaping it like basmati grains. It is then dried under hot, blazing sun. It's a painstakingly tedious process. I wonder if anyone really makes it at home anymore? I am sure there are home cooks who have preserved this art. I got mine from Mumbai.  You can call it as Indian Orzo.

We make two sweet recipes -
1. Gavhalyanchi Kheer
2. Gavhale Bhaat

As of now, I do not know how the dough for the "gavhale" is made. I wonder if they use wheat flour or rava/semolina made from wheat. But this is just a guess. I will update this post if I find more information. I guessed wheat because wheat flour is known as "Gavhache Peeth" in Marathi and it sounds similar to Gavhale.

I got my gavhale from Mahim, Mumbai. Here's the address -
Thakur & Mandali
T.H.Kataria Marg
L.J.Rd and T.H.K Junction,
Mahim, Mumbai 400016.

You can also reach this place by getting off Matunga Railway station(West).

This shop is near Kashi Vishweshwar Temple and has lots of Maharashtrian delicacies.


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