Monday, July 11, 2011

UkaLa - Milky Tea from Mumbai

I tasted this absolutely divine tea with my mom and mom-in-law. This is a special, milky tea which is made in the brass container and boiled for a long time. I wonder if that's why it is called ukala? Ukalane means boiling in Marathi. Well, I am not sure about the roots and origin of the word. I felt like having this tea in my American kitchen so this is what I did -

UkaLa - Makes 2 cups
Evaporated Milk Tea
1 cup water
1 cup evaporated milk (from can)
2 - 4 tsp sugar (or per taste)
1 tsp strong tea or 2 tsp light tea

1. Bring water and milk to boil. Add sugar
2. As the milk mixture comes to boil, add tea powder.
3. Switch gas to low. Let it simmer for 5 minutes.
4. Switch off the gas. Cover and let it steep for 5 minutes.
5. Pass through a sieve/strainer.
6. Serve immediately.

Note -
1. You can add a pinch of chai masala or cardamom powder if you like.
2. When milk mixture is getting heated, pay attention as it may quickly boil over.
3. For best results, use full fat evaporated milk
4. I use Wagh-Bakri brand tea powder.
5. For a milkier version (or milkiest?), do not use water at all. Use 2 cups evaporated milk instead.

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