Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pandan Custard

JT is my Malaysian friend who has roots in China. Her ancestors migrated to Malaysia from China. She is also a foodie. She has shared many of her Malaysian recipes with me. When she excitedly told me that she found "Pandan" leaves in our china town, I was intrigued. I told her to describe the leaves. When she described the color and type, I thought it must be something similar to Kewda. But I had to google it to confirm that it belongs to the same family.

Kewda (Kewda in Marathi, Ketaki in Gujarati) reminded me of Ganapati days in Mumbai. It is available in the flower markets and we used to offer it to Lord Ganesha. To the best of my knowledge, I have not eaten kewda but have seen kewda essence being used in Biryanis/desserts and kewda attar/perfume is also quite famous.

When I went to the Chinatown next time, I spotted Pandan Custard mix. It was an instant custard sachet and all I had to do was to add boiling water. It already had coconut milk powder in it. So that's what I tried. There is no recipe since all you have to do was to follow the instructions on the packet. It had a little overwhelming flavor for our palettes.

Since I do not have a recipe to share, I will give you a link which you can follow if you want to try this Pandan Custard.

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