Monday, October 6, 2014

Black Magic - Jambhool Milkshake


Black Magic???Chillax! It's just a milk shake which is not even black!!;-D
My mom-in-law had it at a recent engagement party. She asked the server about the ingredients since she knew that certain someone who loves to collect the recipes and blog them, would be happy!!;-D

Finding fresh Jambhool was next to impossible in this part of the world, till I chanced upon Deep Frozen Jamun packet at our local Indian stores.

Black Magic
Jambhool Milkshake
1 measure Jambhool Pulp, see note(2) below
1 measure milk
1 measure vanilla ice cream

1. Prepare Jambhool pulp as described in note (2) below.
2. Blend the pulp with milk and vanilla ice cream in the equal measures, in a blender/smoothie maker or mixer.
3. Serve immediately

1. Jambhool in Marathi also goes by the name - Jambu/n in Gujarati. It's a purple berry like fruit with a seed. It is said to have medicinal properties to cure diabetes. It is also called Indian Black Plum.
2. Frozen Jambhool is available in the freezer section of the Indian stores. They are not deseeded. I place them in water. When they are thawed, I scrape the pulp, and discard the seeds. I later use the pulp to make the milkshake.
3. Above proportion results in fairly thick milkshake/smoothie. Add more milk if you prefer thinner consistency.
4. I don't add additional sugar since ice-cream already has it. Add more sugar per your personal preference.
5. I used Deep brand frozen Jambhool(12 oz).
6. Use black berries or blueberries, if Jambhool is not available.

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