Friday, June 17, 2011


Whenever I visit Mumbai, this is the simple rule I follow about eating out for the first time. If it is veg day (which means all days except Wednesday and Sunday!) then go to Prakash, Dadar. and if it is non-veg day (strictly Wednesday and Sunday!) then go to Saiba, Bandra.

Saiba is located at SV Rd, Bandra and it's a seafood lovers' paradise. I enjoy their food tremendously. As you can see in the above picture -
Fried Mandeli
Fried Bombil (Bombay Duck)
Paplet Tikhale
Rice Bhakri
Soul Kadhi

They have equally delicious kolumbi(prawns) tikhale and bharla paplet (stuffed with shrimp).

After enjoying this food, I had to stop by the owner, Mrs. Maithlee Sawant to thank her for whipping out such delicious meals. I told her how much I miss her restaurant when I am away. But hasta la vista - I will be back next time....

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