Saturday, May 28, 2011

Sutarfeni ni Basundi

Gujarati sweets are very creative - sutarfeni basundi, mango basundi, pineapple basundi, dryfruit shrikhand, chic-choc halwa to name just a few! Now who would have thought of dunking sutarfeni into a chilled basundi? But do try it. It's delicious especially on a hot summer day after a yummy, Gujju food. That's what we did when we visited India last time.

Sutarfeni ni Basundi
1 recipe chilled basundi
1 recipe Sutar feni (ready made)

1. Chill basundi in the refrigerator
2. Just before serving, pour basundi in individual serving bowls.
3. Top with a piece of sutarfeni.
4. Serve immediately

Note -
1. I buy sutarfeni from D.Damodar, Dadar TT, Mumbai
2. Do not add charoLi while making basundi for this recipe.

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