Thursday, May 26, 2011

Policha Kuskara

Policha Kuskra can be translated as chapati crumbles. There are at least two recipes in the Maharashtrian kitchens using chapati crumbles. One is FodNichi poLi and the other is poLicha Laadoo. Today's recipe is more like a way of eating than actual recipe. It got introduced in my family due to my grandparents' brief stay in Nagpur.

It's a simple meal of chapatis - Just make your own crumbles in a plate. Make a well in the middle, pour a ladleful of Nagpuri amti, drizzle little foDNiche tel on top and eat with raw, red onion slices on side.

It may need some acquired taste, but whenever Nagpuri Amti is made at our home, we definitely make it a point to slurp this rustic poLicha kuskara

PoLicha Kuskara
पोळीचा कुस्करा
Chapati crumbles with Daal
Chapatis (preferably a day old)
Nagpuri Amti
foDNiche Tel
Raw onion slices

1. Serve chapatis in each serving plate.
2. Everyone makes their own  crumbles and make a well in the middle.
3. Pour a ladleful of freshly made Nagpuri amti
4. Drizzle foDNiche tel - heat oil in a small saucepan. Add mustard seeds. Pour spoonful on each serving. It should make the characteristic "churrrrrr" sound.
5. Enjoy with green chili pickle and onion slices

Note -
1. This dish may need an acquired taste to enjoy.
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