Thursday, October 14, 2010

Vada Paav

My birthday menu always had two mandatory items on the list. One was batata vada and the second was cake. The first was always homemade and the second one was from the local bakery. Now, I have blogged about batata vada, laadi paav and even garlic chutney. But I have never put a picture of the magical combination of all three together. So here it is - Vada paav for two birthdays today. Happy birthday, my blog and happy birthday, self!

Vada Paav
Mumbai's Own Burger!
1 recipe batata vada
1 recipe laadi paav
1 recipe garlic chutney

1. Slit paav open.
2. sprinkle some garlic chutney.
3. Place/stuff a vada.
4. Take a big bite!!

Note -
1. You can make your own variations by adding green/sweet-sour chutney instead of garlic chutney.

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