Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saat Kappi Ghavan for Ganapati Bappa

Saat Kappi Ghaavan is a delicacy from Coastal Maharashtra/Konkan. It is a close relative of Ukadiche Modak and PaatoLi where outer layer is made from rice flour and inner stuffing is made from jaggery-coconut (chooN).  It's like a semicircular layered pancake. It is served by cutting into wedges or triangles. It's indeed very filling.

Saat Kappi Ghavan
सात कप्पी घावन
Seven Layered Pancake

For making ghavan/pancakes
2 cups rice flour
1/2 tsp salt
2 cups fresh coconut water

For making stuffing
1 cup fresh coconut
3/4 - 1 cup grated jaggery
5 cardamoms, peeled & crushed
1 tbsp white poppy seeds/khuskhus
2 tsp rice flour

Oil for frying

1. Mix rice flour, salt. Add coconut water in a steady stream. Keep stirring till no lumps remain. Cover and set aside.
2. Heat a heavy bottomed pan. Add coconut and jaggery. As jaggery melts, add poppy seeds, cardamom powder and rice flour. Mix well. Let it cool down completely.
3. Heat a nonstick pan. When it is hot, add rice flour batter. It should have holes.

4. As it starts to cook, lower the heat. Spread coconut-jaggery mixture on the half side.

5. Fold to cover the mixture as shown below.

6. Now, put a ladleful of mixture on the pan.So the batter sticks to the half pancake. Drizzle some oil around.

7. Spread coconut jaggery mixture.

8. And flip the first part of pancake backwards as shown below.

9. Now again you see half part of pan. Add the batter so that it sticks to the remaining pancake.
10. Proceed till you get 7 parts of stuffing. It's saat kappi meaning 7 compartments.

11. Now take out the layered pancake on a banana leaf.

12. Let it cool down  a little. Cut into wedges or triangles.
13. Serve along with ghee/clarified butter if desired.

Note -
1. Instead of banana leaf, turmeric leaves can be used. Each leaf gives a unique flavor to this delicacy.
2. This is a vegan recipe if you do not serve with clarified butter. I prefer it without clarified butter/ghee/toop. It still tastes delicious.
3. I used my huge, nonstick pan. So the entire batter was used up to make this pancake. If your pan is smaller, you may get 2 or 3 pancakes. Please note that even a small piece of this layered pancake is quite filling.
4. Flipping this pancake back and forth is a delicate process. It gets trickier as the layers start increasing. Make this delicacy only when you have ample time on hand.

गणपती बाप्पा मोरया

May Lord Ganesha shower His blessings on you and yours.

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