Friday, May 28, 2010

Cuban Oregano - Owa

My last visit to the farmers market was really memorable. While I was browsing through the herbs pots, I came across this "Cuban Oregano". Though I didn't recognize this plant by the name cuban oregano, I knew it was owa. My grandmother used to make delicious fritters with those velvetty leaves. Last year, I even threw some owa/ajwain/ajmo seeds in the soil to see if I get those leaves. But instead, I got these leaves. Now, I know the difference. There are many different varieties of oregano family.

Anyway, I excitedly told the farmer lady that we use these leaves in India and never imagined that I could find it here. "Are you from India? See if you like this!" - She took me at the back of her stall and pointed to a small plant. "Many people who are originally from India, come here to get this plant from me because not many farmers grow it here!". Needless to say, I just went ahead and bought both Cuban Oregano and the prized plant that's favored by Indians!

Any guesses?


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