Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nupur's Imperial Cocktail & Pav Bhaaji for Blog Bites#2

Nupur's Pav bhaaji is the most popular pav bhaaji around the blogosphere. Though I have my own version, I tried Nupur's version to go back to Sukhsagar! Delicious. My only minor change was to use red/yellow bell peppers since I didn't have green bell peppers.

Recipe by - Nupur of One Hot Stove
Recipe Source -

I had bookmarked Nupur's Imperial cocktail a while back. I have been to Kolhapur several times. The first and foremost goal to visit Kolhapur was to visit Sri Mahakakshmi/kolhapurchi Ambabai. and some secondary but important goals were to buy kolhapuri chapals, silver ornaments and Imperial cocktail. But all this happened when I was in school. So it soon got forgotten. When I saw Nupur's version, it reminded me of our trips to Kolhapur/Panhala. I tried it over the weekend and it was just out of this world delicious! Do try it.

Recipe Source -

I am sending these two entries to Nupur's Blog Bites#2 : Copycat Edition.


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