Saturday, April 17, 2010

Anupama's Mango Mastani for Blog Bites #2

One of my friends from our neighborhood went to Pune for studies. He used to come back often, but in the matter of months he became a true Pueneite - nope - a Punekar! He used Marathi words which even I didn't know, and I am a Maharashtrian and he is not!:-D Anyways, he kept takling about Mastani - not the beauty but a drink.

I thought it's a variation of Falooda. but my newly "Punekar" friend vehemently retorted that it's not even close!! Oh well. I visited Pune many times after that, but never got a chance to taste Mastani and soon I even forgot about it. Then Anupama of Food and more, blogged about Mastani. I just squealed with joy. I bookmarked it and forgot about it again. Now that Nupur has started this event - Blog Bites, it definitely encourages me to try all those bookmarked recipes. (My bookmarked folder sure heaves a sigh of relief. It's too crowded!)

So here I am , presenting Mango Mastani from Anupama's Food & More.

Recipe by - Anupama
Recipe Source -

I am sending this entry to Nupur's Blog Bites#2 - Copycat Edition.


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