Thursday, January 28, 2010

Goda Masala from Mumbai

Many years ago, there was this quaint shop at Dadar TT/Khodadad Circle/Dadar (East) called "Ketkars' Masalay". It was located in a small lane behind D.Damodars or Agarwal classes. They used to sell the best goda masala - at least the one which got my grandmother's approval which is by the way, the most crucial rating. She loved the flavor so much that she stopped making her own goda masala and started getting it from Ketkars. The tradition continued as my mom and aunts followed the trend. But unfortunately sometime in 80s or so, Ketkars' was shut down. It was a big blow to my mom's generation. Ever since that we get our goda masala from Sarvodaya stores. This is, undoubtedly, the most crucial spice-mix in my spice box (masalyacha daba).

I have all the ingredients to make goda masala from scratch. As soon as I get some free time on hand, I am going to try to make it all by myself. Till then, we are happy with Sarvodaya's goda masala.


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