Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cake Toast/Rusk

Long ago, when I was in school, I went to spend a weekend at my aatya - paternal aunt's house. That's where I ate these cake toasts for the first time. I just loved them. So when dad came to pick me up, I told him to buy it from the local bakery immediately. For some unknown reason, this whole incidence which is not at all so important, is etched in my memory. I noticed that these cake toasts are called cake rusks at the Indian stores.

Recently, I got an opportunity to bake 3 pound cakes for a get together. I generally do not make pound cake for the obvious reason. (Who wants to add pounds any ways?;-) I have read that traditionally, the cake gets the name since the bakers used a pound of each - butter, sugar, flour etc. Anyways, so while tinkering with those pound cakes - more about them on my other blog - I thought what if I bake them little longer like biscotti? Will they give me those cake toasts from the childhood? So I used my tiniest cake pan. Poured the batter of the pound cake, baked the cake, inverted it, cooled it, cut into the thin slices (most crucial step for me!). And then I baked the thin slices again for 15 - 20 minutes. I took them out to cool down and took a bite - crunch!! Bingo!!
Cake Rusks/Cake Toasts
1 pack Betty Crocker Pound cake mix
use the the other ingredients needed to make the pound cake (like water or milk & eggs)
1. Prepare the batter according to the instructions on the back of the cake mix.
2. Bake a cake per the instructions.
3. Cool the cake completely. Cut into thin slices.
4. Keep the slices on the cookie sheet in a single layer.
5. Bake again for 15-20 minutes till they are browned and crusty.
6. Take off. Cool down completely. Store in an airtight container.
Note -
1. After 15 minutes of re-baking, start checking after every 5 minutes.
2. Do take care not to burn the toasts/rusks.


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