Thursday, October 1, 2009

RCI - Celebrating Parsi Cuisine

Regional Cuisine of India - RCI - is the brainchild of Lakshmi of Veggie Cuisine. In the month of October, I am hosting my very first blog event - RCI -Parsi Cuisine.

Parsis arrived at Sanjan, Gujarat from Persia, in the 8th century. The legend has it that they approached the local king and assured him that they will be one of the locals , just like sugar gets dissolved in the milk making milk sweeter.
So come on everyone! Bring your dhansaak, paatiyo, patra ni machchi, tittori, sali murgi, aakuri, ravo and lagan nu custard! Jamva chaalo ji...

Rules for RCI - Parsi cuisine
1. In the month of October 2009, write a post that celebrates Parsi cuisine/culture.
2. Please include a link to this post and also to Lakshmi's Veggie Cuisine
3. Send an email to me at with subject: RCI - Parsi Cuisine
Make sure to include -
Recipe Name-
Recipe URL -
Your Name -
Blog Name -
4. If you don't own a blog, you can still send your entries at the email address provided above.
5. Multiple entries are always welcome.
6. Vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian entries are welcome.
7. Old entries from the archives are welcome as long as they are re-posted and linked back to this event announcement as well as RCI home page.
8. Please send the entries by Oct 31st , 2009. The roundup will be posted in the first week of November.

Some useful links for Parsi cuisine -

Some useful Parsi cookbooks (I searched them on Amazon; not neccessarily read them all)
Manna of the Angels: Traditional Parsi Recipes published by Karachi Zarthosti Banu Mandal

Some more information


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