Monday, October 12, 2009

Ghadichi PoLi - Layered Chapati

Mostly, we make fulkas at home. but one of my aunts always makes ghadichya polya which can be considered as the Maharashtrian parathas - well, they are neither thick nor triangular -but the method is somewhat similar to making parathas. They are so filling that they are generally served in quarters or halves, and then if needed, served some more.

Ghadichi PoLi - (Makes 5 PoLya)
घडीची पोळी
Wheat Flour Flatbread
1 cup wheat flour
water as needed
1 tbsp oil
salt to taste

wheat flour for dredging
oil for rolling

Ghee/toop/Clarified butter (Optional)

1. Mix wheat flour and salt.
2. Add water as needed and knead to make a smooth dough.
3. Add oil and keep on kneading till the dough is elastic and no longer sticks to your fingers.
4. Cover and keep it aside for 30 minutes.
5. Make 5 equal sized balls.
6. Take one ball. Dredge into wheat flour and roll into a thick disc.
7. Smear some oil and fold it into a semi-circle. Smear some more oil and fold again to make a triangle. and then fold again to make another narrow triangle. Now press it down to make a ball again.
8. Dredge it with wheat flour and roll into a thin flatbread.
9. Heat tawa/griddle/pan. Add the thinly rolled flatbread onto the pan. As the brown spots start appearing, flip on the other side.
10. Now, the flatbread will start puffing up. Using a clean cotton cloth, you can press it a little to encourage the uniform puffing.
11. Take it off and put onto a plate/chapati container. Pop the puffed flatbread as you place it in a plate/chapati container/poLicha daba.
12. Smear some ghee/toop/clarified butter if using.

Note -
1. A great cook can make a miracle of making a perfect circle from the folded triangle like this. I cheat and fold and make a ball to get a circle. :-D
2. This chapati is not placed on the direct flame like fulkas.
3. Take care while roasting the chapati. Too much heat will make it crispy/crunchy. It should be soft like grandma's touch!


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