Saturday, October 17, 2009

From Old Friends & New - Bengal special

As I have mentioned many times before, I can't have enough of Rosogullas and Chamchams. Undoubtedly, for me, the best sweets in the whole world are Bengali delicacies. But recently, I have discovered the mustard oil. and I have fallen in love with that pungent flavor. From daals to subzis, from Jhals to Jhols, I have tried many of the recipes. Some of those which I tried from my blogger buddies are as below.

Indrani's Dimer Jhol
Indrani's recipe for Dimer Jhol appeared hassle-free. So I didn't waste any time to try it. The result was superb!! This will appear on our dinner table quite regularly now on. Thanks, Indrani.
You must try this recipe. I guarantee you that you will make it again and again if you haven't already! I used part skim ricotta and fat free sweetened condensed milk as that's what I had with me. I was worried if I would be able to cut the Kalakand or have to serve it like halwa. but followed Sandeepa's instructions and a perfect Kalakand was ready in about 17 minutes. Delicious!! Thanks, Sandeepa.

Sandeepa's Shorshe Dharush
I had already chopped the okras so they were not exactly like Sandeepa tells us to do. But I followed the rest of her recipe. Result? -Awesome!! Thanks, Sandeepa

A simple masoor daal tempered with bengali spices. The recipe is simple but tastes really delicious. I added some tomatoes too. We loved the flavor. Thanks, Soma.

Thanks to RCI - Bengal, I discovered this wonderful recipe at Archy's blog. With our food blogging and events, everyone knows by now, that you don't have to be from that particular state to whip up the delicious dishes.. Drool worthy!! Thanks, Archy!

Mandira's Shukto
I always wanted to try this Shukto. But I never had all the veggies that I needed. Finally, last week, I had most of the veggies. I think bittergourd is a must for that bitter flavor. We loved Shukto. Thanks, Mandira!


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