Thursday, September 23, 2010

From Old Friends & New - Maharashtra

Blogging is such a blessing. You find so many forgotten recipes around the blogsphere when you least expect them. I love to cook from the different parts of the world. Of course, I feel most comfortable cooking Indian food. No guesses there! :-D and among Indian food, I reach the same comfort level when I cook Maharashtrian food. I get a familiar feeling that I know the cuisine. I just get it. However, blogging has opened my eyes to know my own limitations. Though I am a Maharashtrian, I have discovered so many recipes from different parts of Maharashtra, that I wonder if I can really claim that I know Maharashtrian food inside out. I guess, I can only say that I know a part of Maharashtrian food - probably coastal Maharashtrian food. Anyways, let's review some of the wonderful recipes from different parts of Maharashtra that I heard/tried for the first time. This is the first batch of "From old Friends and New - Maharashtra". Many more batches from all the talented bloggers around the blogosphere will be as my time/schedule permits.

1) Khaugiri's Gaakar - When my mom and mavshi were discussing about a flatbread called - Gaakar, I was really curious. Unfortunately, they both had eaten it when they were kids and didn't remember how it was made. I googled it then but didn't find anywhere that time. and then later sometime, I stumbled upon this beautiful blog - "Khaugiri" and guess what? there is was - gaakar. I can't wait to meet my mom and maushi as I want to serve that Gaakar - a forgotten gem from their childhood.
I made this gaakar following the exact instructions given by Khaugiri. The only difference was, I added some chopped garlic greens since I had them, and instead of ghee, I used olive oil.

Gudiya loved the name "Gaakar" and we called it "Indian Garlic Bread". A super duper hit!!:-D

2) Khaugiri's Kalnachi Bhakri

I had never heard this kind of bhakri before. So I had to try it. Instead of grinding jowar and urad, I just used jowar flour:Urad flour in 1 : 1/4 ratio. Turned out really well. Thanks for sharing, Khaugiri!

3) Cooker's Kachcha Masala
I too have Ruchira but didn't read this recipe before. So when I came across it in cooker's blog, I made it per her instructions. Lovely aroma and robust flavor!! Loved it. Thanks, Cooker!!

4) Mint's Nistyachi Chutney -
Nistyachi chutney by Mints was a totally new recipe for me. I am not very familiar with Khandesh style food so I had to try it immediately. Simply superb!

I tried this recipe from Happy Burp written by Vaishali. I think she does not blog anymore, but I do (selfishly) hope that she comes back to blogging and shares her amazing recipes with us. Do visit her blog and see what a treasure it is.

Mints of Vadani Kaval Gheta brings out some unique recipes. I simply loved her post about leafy greens. All those Marathi names of leafy greens - chandan batwa, chuka, chakwat sound very lyrical. Though I have sneaked in many veggies in my thalipeeth including grated carrots, cabbage or even shredded spinach, I never thought of adding such greens ever. Mint's post encouraged me to add beet greens while making my thalipeeth. Thanks, Mints for sharing a wonderful idea!

A post about Maharashtrian food is just incomplete without Nupur. Of course, Nupur's wonderful blog is not just limited to Maharashtrian food. She whips up and celebrates some amazing delicacies from around the world at her one hot stove!  But if you ever are looking for A to Z of Maharashtrian food, look no further.I tried her Amti Masala and just like her each and every recipe, this amti masala was delicious! Thanks Nupur for sharing many delicacies with us.


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