Thursday, July 9, 2009

Taro Leaves Plant

Each year, I throw in some taro roots/arvi in the soil, to get these beautiful Taro/colocasia leaves. Every time, I anxiously wait when the leaves come out. You see, there are two types of leaves which we differentiate as "Vadichi paane" and "Bhaajichi paane". The first one is a darker shade of green with dark stems and has bigger leaves. They are specifically used for making aLuvadi or paatra. The second type has smaller , lighter green leaves and stems. They are more delicate and are used to make Maharashtrian phatphatay or paataL bhaaji, Konkani patrode & Gujarati dafu. So far, whenever I have thrown in the roots, I have always gotten the second variety which makes me very happy!!

P.S. Fresh taro roots or arvi/arbi are easily available at the local Indian stores.


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