Monday, July 27, 2009

Shravani Somwar

Growing up, Shravani Somwar was one of the most important Mondays in the month of Shravan. This month used to come with some special rules - no non-vegetarian food and lots of fasting, feasting and festivals. That also meant, lots of traditional food. We kids were not allowed to fast. Shravani somwar used to be the special one. There used to be delicious fasting food like sabudanyachi khichdi, upasache thalipeeth, varicha bhaat - danyachi amti, danyacha ladoo, danyachi usaL and the dinner was taken in early evenings instead of usual nights. The dinner used to be vegetarian saatvik food without onion and garlic. My grandmother used to make everything by herself. Her kitchen used to be full of uncles, aunts, cousins devouring the most delicious saatvik food.

Generally, the "taaT" comprised some raw salads like koshimbeers and chutneys, some deep fried delicacies like fritters of seasonal vegetables and/or papads, at least one sprouted beans (Usal), at least one seasonal vegetable curry, daily daal, some rice delicacy, and one sweet.

This is just my attempt to document the 4 ( or 5 depending on the month)shravani somwar menus as practiced in/by my family. Now the times have changed. I can't put together all these items on a single day. and even if I do, there are not as many people around to eat. So this is going to be just a nostalgic list!

Shravani Somwar 1
1)ALu chi PataL Bhaaji/Phatphatay (Leafy Greens Curry)
2)VaraN - Bhat - Toop - Limbu (Daal & Rice)
3)Shevyachi Kheer (Sweet)
4)Purya (Puri) or Poli/chapati
5)DaLimbi UsaL w/o onion (Field Beans Stir Fry)
6)Khamang Kakdi (Cucumber Salad)
7) Kairi Methamba (Sweet pickle)
8)Kobichi Bhuji (Cabbage Fritters)

Shravani Somwar 2
1) Moogachi UsaL
2) Dalichi Amti w/o onion or Garlic
3) Purya /Chapati/PoLya
4) Shrikhand
5) Gajarachi Koshimbeer
6) Bhaat (Rice)
7) Gilki chi bhuji (Spongegourd/ghosaLe bhujiya)
8) Chutney

Shravani Somwar 3
1) Olya Vatanyachi UsaL
2) Batatyachi Suki Bhaaji
3) Purya /Chapati/PoLya
4) Jilbi/Jalebi
5) Kachcha Kobi
6) Masalay Bhaat or KaLa Bhaat
7) Sandage/SaalPapdi/Kurdaya
8) Maththa

Shravani Somwar 4
1) ChawLi chi UsaL
2) Kutachi Amti
3) Kantolyachi Bhaaji
4) PuraN PoLi
5) Tomato chi koshimbeer
6) Bhaat (Rice)
7) Papad
8) Panchamrut


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